Father's Day is this Sunday, June 18th. Stop by Brookwood Shopping center for plenty of great ideas for dad!

 brookwood liquor

Brookwood Liquor

Treat dad to his favorite bourbon. Choose from a large selection.  



Surprise day with a craft gift made from the kids. There are many colorful and festive projects.  


Elem Technologies

A tablet stand will make things easier for dad to search the web. This stand can hold any tablet verticle or horizontal.  

 game central

 Game Central

What dad doesn't enjoy a good action flick. Pick out a "guy movie" dad has been wanting to see.  

 linen tree

 The Linen Tree

Why not pamper dad with a manly scented soap. These Duke Cannon make a great gift, modeled after soap used by GI's in the Korean War and field tested by US soldiers.


Prairie Trading Co.

Give dad a fresh look with a next to new outfit. Shorts, shirts and even belt will make dad the talk of the block. 


 Ruth's Floral Design

Get dad a custom vase with his favorite sport team. Even dad likes a little color with beautiful flowers from Ruth. 

 tasteful olive

 The Tasteful Olive

Give dad the ingredients he needs to spice up his dishes. Choose from a variety of gourmet salts and tasteful olive oils in special gift packs. 

uniquely yours

 Uniquely Yours

Dad can't get anywhere without somehting on his feet. Get him footwear from boots to sandals. 

wheatland antique

 Wheatland Antique Mall

Not sure what to get dad but you want something unique? Wheatland has a whole room dedicated to dad. Visit their "Man Cave" room and you'll find something he'll love. 

wild bird

Wild Bird House

For the outdoor dad, you'll find just about anything bird related. From bird houses to feeders, books and more, check out the Wild Bird House.  


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